Emirates to deploy 'free connectivity' onboard flights

Emirates announced a new service for all passengers

Zainab Nasir

Emirates to deploy 'free connectivity' onboard flights

Emirates announced a new service for all passengers

Emirates to deploy free connectivity onboard flights
Emirates to deploy 'free connectivity' onboard flights 

Dubai's renowned flag carrier, the Emirates airlines, updated new services for passengers willing to take the EK flight  anywhere. 

Emirates is considered as the most luxurious of jets with its spacious business class seating and the double decker A380 offers its own perks.

To note, in order to make travel more hassle-free the airline is providing free onboard Wi-Fi weekly for 30,000 Economy class members.

Even the Emirates skywards members now will have free connectivity in the air.

For Skywards Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum members flying Economy, Premium Economy, Business, or First Class will have the benefit of free app messaging.

The platinum skywards members are to get free internet services in all classes.

Owing to the connectivity improvements the travel and passenger ratio on Emirates has increased to 450,000 monthly customers- 30% in 2023 as compared to the previous years.

Patrick Brannelly, SVP Retail, IFE, and Connectivity revealed, "Emirates has persistently worked with our service providers to optimize and improve the connectivity experience." 

“In March we delivered about 55% more data per customer session compared to early 2022 despite the number of sessions increasing by 68%." 

Emirates  Airbus A350's  will make use of the  Inmarsat's Global  Xpress  satellite network  to make sure that passengers remain in touch with their loved ones, scroll the internet and use social media from the convenience of their seats. 

At the same time a $350 investment plan  has been made to  supply  a  5-strong fleet of  A350's that are supposed to enter in 2024. Bluetooth connections, built-in-Wi-Fi and  a 60 watts   USB-C would be displayed for  fast-charge purposes. 

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