Ask A Dentist: All your queries about oral health

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Ask A Dentist: All your queries about oral health

Ask A Dentist: All your queries about oral health

How much brushing is too much?

Brushing teeth too much is definitely a concern. Oftentimes, people who are otherwise very particular about their oral hygiene, may show signs of tooth wear. Brushing more than two or three times in a day, or brushing with too much pressure, would definitely wear away your tooth enamel. It could cause ‘wear facets’, which weaken the teeth and may result in sensitive teeth.

Is there a right way to brush one’s teeth?

It’s important to remember that brushing your teeth doesn’t mean scrubbing your teeth. A side-to-side scrub is the fastest way to wear away at your teeth. A circular or up-and-down movement of your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to the tooth surface is the ideal way to brush. There are a lot of informative videos on YouTube you can look up in case you want to perfect the technique.

Which is better: brushing teeth right after waking up, or after breakfast?

This is actually an excellent question, and it’s been a topic of debate for years. The simplest answer is: both are correct. But here’s the deal – if you brush at night and don’t consume anything afterwards, then brushing after breakfast the next morning is fine. Since there has been no food intake, there would be minimal plaque formation or acidic food on your teeth all night. That said, however, brushing immediately after eating isn’t correct either. Since the acid from the food is layered on the teeth, brushing immediately will cause some tooth wear. Instead, wait for 20-30 minutes after breakfast before brushing. Those who don’t brush regularly before bedtime, should definitely brush first thing in the morning. As the bacteria in the mouth has been feasting on food particles and sugars stuck in the mouth overnight. Of course, there are a few people who need to brush their teeth to wake themselves up in the morning, despite having brushed at night. There’s no harm in that either.

What is the best method to clean one’s tongue?

A tongue cleaner is the best to clean your tongue. Today, a lot of tooth brushes have a rough scrubber at the back to aid in tongue-cleaning. That’s pretty effective too.

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