'Mindhunter 3' is dead, declares David Fincher

In 2020, Netflix said 'Mindhunter 3' was not canceled

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'Mindhunter 3' is dead, declares David Fincher

In 2020, Netflix said 'Mindhunter 3' was not canceled

Mindhunter 3 is dead, declares David Fincher
'Mindhunter 3' is dead, declares David Fincher

David Fincher revealed the reasons behind Mindhunter ending on Netflix.

During an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche, the House of Cards director blamed the show's rising costs for the cancellation.

"I'm very proud of the first two seasons. But it's a very expensive show and, in the eyes of Netflix, we didn't attract enough of an audience to justify such an investment [for Season 3]," he added.

"I don't blame them, they took risks to get the show off the ground, gave me the means to do Mank the way I wanted to do it, and they allowed me to venture down new paths with The Killer. It's a blessing to be able to work with people who are capable of boldness. The day our desires are not the same, we have to be honest about parting ways."

Previously in 2020, the streamer said that the show was not canceled but was put on indefinite hold as the director was involved with other projects.

Earlier, the Seven director also voiced similar views saying that he was busy on other projects and was wondering if he could come up with more material for the show.

"We had all hands on deck to finish [Season 2], and we didn't have a ton of scripts and a ton of outlines and a bible standing by for season three," he told Variety in 2020.

"I'll admit I was a little bit like, 'I don't know that I'm ready to spend another two years in the crawl space.'"

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