Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 18 February - 24 February

Weekly Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs, Aries, Leo, Gemini, Aquarius and Taurus

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Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 18 February - 24 February

Weekly Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs, Aries, Leo, Gemini, Aquarius and Taurus

Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 18 February - 24 February
Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 18 February - 24 February


Mar-21 / Apr-20

Everyone knows that when facing difficulty, all that's needed is a strong mind and heart. It's important to be patient and demonstrate your mental fortitude in the face of workplace drama brought on by the two planets in conjunction in the 10th house, which might be frustrating for you.

 Looking ahead to the next transit, you can expect a hectic midweek and, perhaps, some unexpected gains from the network. A favour comes your way at the end of the week that completely catches you off guard, and with the new Moon's influence, you may put your leadership talents to excellent use.


Apr-21 / May-21

Going for a short course abroad will be an excellent choice for those looking to improve their skills and who are open to new experiences during a fantastic learning week. Disagreeing with a higher-up at work can make you feel confined, but this feeling is temporary, so there's no point in sulking about it.

 The new Moon is in harmonious conjunction with two potent planets, suggesting a fruitful collaboration to your advantage. The increased pressure to get things done will make you feel more involved and productive. Also, an older sibling's encouragement can do wonders for younger sibling's morale.


May-22 / June-21

Workplace matters could get complicated, so it is imperative for you to get to the root cause of them without blaming yourself. An unexpected shift may trigger anxiety and uncertainty. Remember, diamonds are formed under pressure. The trio in the ninth house can cause you to do things you might later regret, so try to keep your emotions in check and be respectful of other people’s opinions, even if you disagree with them. 

Finally, the new Moon will make you feel more invested in your work, allowing you to gain insight into the realities of your workplace and implement significant improvements.


June-22 / July-22

You will be supported by the spouse, so do not shy away from sharing your issues with them. Your better half will be able to help you out if they know what is going on in your mind; this will strengthen your bond. 

You might feel restricted due to finances, and there will be confusion related to it; therefore, avoid making any hasty investment decisions and keep a check on old ones. The planetary trio with the new Moon in the ninth house will bring great favours from overseas for students and a windfall for those who work as freelancers.


July-23 / Aug-23

Your efforts will yield fruitful results, boosting your confidence at work. You will be appreciated, and this transit will put you in a better emotional and physical place. It's crucial to prioritise your relationships over short-term problems, as the Moon in the seventh house is influenced by Saturn and the Sun, which could lead to serious ego conflicts with those closest to you. 

You can counteract your environment's negative energy and boost your sense of well-being by meditating during the new Moon and volunteering. For your charitable contributions, the monetary rewards are also on the way. 


Aug-24 / Sep-23

This is a fantastic week for students or anyone willing to learn something new. This transit will make them quick learners. One will also experience seeking divine knowledge and getting more spiritual, which will help one express themselves more positively and calmly. 

You might feel disconnected from your friend circle as you will be overly productive at work, but remember that continuous work can cause burnout. The mother's health could also be a concern; and so try staying with her. Think things over regarding your love life. This new Moon will enlighten many unseen, deep-rooted issues in your relationship.


Sep-24 / Oct-23

Good times with loved ones are in store, you might arrange a fun evening with your family and closest friends. Nonetheless, if you're considering making a real estate investment soon, you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks thoroughly before signing any documents. 

Limitations brought on by planets stationed in the fifth house leave one feeling estranged from one's firstborn. Besides that, monetary-wise, there are better places to put your money than the stock market. Those with access to international clients will reap the most rewards; however, personal matters could become complicated with this new Moon if you aren't highly cautious.


Oct-24 / Nov-22

Try to stay out of any workplace drama that isn't necessary, as it will only slow you down. If you want to avoid being misunderstood at work, it's important to remember the finer points of your job. At a family gathering, you could be subjected to some unflattering comparisons that could put a damper on your spirits for a while. 

You should always take the high road and ignore those who try to bring you down. The new Moon this week will yield unexpected profits, and you may even see the return of some of your lost funds through a friend.


Nov-23 / Dec-21

Focus on the brighter side of life, the one where you don't have to shell out as much cash. Try to channel your enthusiasm into productive outlets. There will be times when you need assistance from your coworkers. If this happens, don't be shy about it. 

In light of the possibility that you will have meaningful interactions with influential people during this transit, it is best not to waste time worrying about trivial matters. Lastly, now is a great time to put money into real estate because that can inspire you to take trips, which can result in monetary gains.


Dec-22 / Jan-20

Keeping our emotions bottled up inside can make us bitter and cause us to harbour unwarranted resentment towards another person. Put your skills to use and broaden your circle of friends and acquaintances for maximum personal development. Instead of passing the buck, focus on taking responsibility for your actions. 

Meditation and yoga practiced on a weekly basis can help keep your energy in check. What you say will have a great deal of influence, so use that power for good by thinking and speaking positively and manifesting goals for the future.


Jan-21 / Feb-19

Aquarius students, especially those studying abroad, need to focus more on their work because they are more likely to fall behind if they allow themselves to be distracted. It's also a good idea to do some overseas business travelling, as this can help you build connections and make money. 

You’ll stand out as a disciplined person in your social circle, which again will be great for your reputation and mental health. Entrepreneurs in the food industry will benefit greatly from this week's final Moon transit, as they will likely see a significant uptick in business over the weekend.


Feb-20 / Mar-20

It's natural to experience a range of emotions when your personal life, as well as your professional and social relationships, undergo even the smallest of shifts, but you can use your wit and intelligence to persevere. It's best to think before you react to avoid an argument with your elders. 

Getting involved in charitable activities will also help you release any negative emotions you may be experiencing. New opportunities to improve your quality of life will present themselves as a result of a favourable planetary alignment; however, it's important not to go overboard while shopping.

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